Nickelodeon Music TV

Snapshots of Channel Branding & Content:



Nickelodeon wanted to launch their own branded music channel aimed at kids. They needed an identity, tone of voice and visual language that made use of all of the amazing artists and talent at their disposal, but also stayed true to the Nickelodeon brand. They also needed a bucket load of content to populate the channel in-bweteen the music videos!


We came up with a colourful, creative, fun visual style and combined it with goofy, silly humour to create all of the content for the channel. From branded idents that introduced the logo, Talent & Artist content that showed off particular acts, quirky/random/funny content that simply made kids laugh, to animated misheard lyrics, and finally awareness pieces to get kids to tune in from other channels & online.



Brand Strategy

Art Direction

Script Writing


Agency: B-Reel


Skills: Campaign, Digital, TV
Client: Nick Music