Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the InstruMents team needed a strong Brand Tone of Voice and messaging guidelines that could be applied to their website, social media, and packaging, along with a launch film to accompany a PR campaign surrounding the release of their first product – 01.


We first had to come up with a tagline and way of describing what the 01 product was – a beautiful connected measuring device. But in the process of doing so we realised that this device did so much more than just measure, it began to define a new category of products that did what’s called ‘Dimensioning’. We made this integral to the launch campaign in a way that was simple and easy to relate to, targeting an early-adopter tech audience.

We came up with the concept for a simple launch film that involved a continuous tracking shot over a series of ‘old’ measuring devices, before finally landing on the 01 product and it’s ease of use. As the product double as a pen, we wanted to demonstrate this by writing the tagline ‘This is Dimensioning.’



Art Direction

Script Writing

1-Day Shoot & Film Production


Agency: B-Reel


Skills: Digital, Social Media
Client: InstruMMents