Jaguar XE




With the introduction of the new XE, Jaguar were set to launch their most important car to date. To coincide with a big Global media spend for the launch, they wanted a way of generating buzz and engagement online.


We wanted to challenge the consensus that Jaguars were for old men, as well as showing off the beauty and aggressive sound of the XE. The concept was simple: blow away the grey and boring sedans of the competition. We placed an XE on a rolling floor and hooked it up to a turbine  – as the XE increased speed , so did the speed of the fan until eventually the grey particles covering it were completely blown off, revealing the bold and striking red paintwork underneath.

The client loved the final film so much that it was rolled out across a number of markets as a TVC. And with just over 8M+ views online, fans really loved it as well, generating buzz across all social media channels. Not bad for a low-budget online engagement piece.



Art Direction

Script Writing


Agency: Spark44



Skills: Digital, Social Media, TV