Ripple – The World’s First Wearable Support Network

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The Ripple Team achieved a successful crowdfunding campaign for their unique product and service – a wearable bluetooth button that when clicked, instantly connects you to a live human operator who can get you out of troubling situations. To support the launch, they needed a strong Tone of Voice, Tagline and messaging guidelines that could be applied to their website, social media, packaging, and a launch film explaining the use cases to a young female audience.


After identifying that sexual assaults on campus’ across America had been increasing in the last few years, we decided that young American females would be the perfect audience to benefit from the service.  We wanted the brand to be quirky, fun and friendly, but without appearing too much like a ‘safety device’. We came up with a PR worthy tagline and way of describing what the product and service was – “The World’s First Wearable Support Network”.

Along with an entire set of brand and messaging guidelines, we came up with the script, concept and artistic direction for a simple animated launch film that would be launched on the brand’s social media channels and website.


Brand Strategy


Art Direction

Script Writing


Agency: B-Reel

Skills: Campaign, Digital, Social Media
Client: Ripple